With this ring, I thee wed...

Your wedding day is a cherishing moment that will bring you a lifetime of memories. Love is a gift, marriage is a commitment, and your wedding ceremony is where it all begins. Your vows, are the tangible words you will exchange, to openly express your promise to each other in the presence of your family and friends. 

Whether you have chosen a fancy catering hall or a small gathering right within your own home to celebrate your marriage, the rituals below are additional ways to further express your love and enhance the uniqueness within your ceremony. As your marriage officiant I will take you through these options helping you customize your wedding to exactly what you dreamed it would be. 

Traditional Wedding
The term traditional means something different to each of us. Over time life changes as do our personal values. During the natural course of evolution, generations begin to classify tradition differently than those of our ancestors. As we begin to personalize your ceremony you get to choose how traditional and unique you want it to be. You may choose the good old fashion vows like the the ones your grandparents and parents exchanged or perhaps you want to express your love to one another with your very own words, or both. You can invite friends and family to take a part in the ceremony by sharing a poem, a reading or prayer. Most ceremonies are based on a traditional formality, whether it is a family tradition or just dating back to the beginning of time. This is where you share the very essence of your relationship with your guest. It should be as special as the love you feel for each other. My job as your marriage officiant is to help you structure your ceremony to reflect just who you are as a couple. 

You may also choose to add as much of your own ideas or any of the rituals listed below.     

Unity Candle

Honor your marriage with the unity candle. This ritual represents the light that shines upon you as individuals and unites you together as a couple. Although you are still individuals, the flame from the center candle signifies the unity of your married life together. You may choose to do this as a couple only or you can invite your parents to light the candles that represent you as individuals.‚Äč 


A unique presentation of blending your separate lives together, the bride and groom choose a color of sand that best describes who they are as individuals. Although you are still individuals the blending of each grain of sand signifies the blending of your individual selves into one union of marriage.

I love this for blended families with small children as it gives each child a chance to be part of the ceremony and represented within the marital union as well. They get to choose the color that represents them and when displayed in your home will remind everyone of just how important they are to the family. 

Hand Fastening

(Nuptial Knot)

A Celtic tradition that binds the bride and groom together by loosely wrapping a cord around the couples hands two or three times. The wedding officiant will ask three questions of your intention to enter into marriage. This ritual is a symbolizes the commitment of marriage made of free will and a vow they will renew each new day of their lives together.

Breaking Glass

A Jewish tradition dating back many centuries, symbolic to the fragile nature of life, life is not always easy and either is marriage, this tradition is also customary in shattering an old and beginning a new. The glass is wrapped in a heavy cloth and the groom will usually step on it at the end of the ceremony. Your guest will together say Mazel To in one strong voice sending you off with many good wishes of love, luck and happiness.

Jumping The Broom

This beautiful ritual represents "sweeping away the past and beginning a future today" it also means "leaping together into your new married lives together. It began in Africa way back in the 1600's. You can choose to purchase a broom for the occasion or make your own. You may have one in the family that will be handed down to you. Either way this age old tradition will symbolize your unity as a couple as you leap together into a beautiful marriage.

A Rose

Roses are symbolic of love and offered in celebration of love. They are given by the dozen or as a single token of love and appreciation. A rose can be offered to someone special during your wedding ceremony to express the love and appreciation you have. This can be a parent or someone close to you that you want to acknowledge in someway. It is gracefully incorporated within the ceremony and lets that person (or persons) know just how much they mean to you.

Blending Water and Rocks

Maybe you are more into the earth and nature. I have created a rock blending inspired by one of my couples and it actually turned out quite nice and well, since I created it, it is unique. It is basically the same idea as the sand and the candle but we use rocks and water to represent the solid foundation you have built together and water is poured over the rocks symbolizing your togetherness as pure and fluid as water will you forever be.

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